Are you feeling like your life is out of sorts?

Claim Your Time To Get Back To Being Your Best SELF!

Release 💜 Reconnect 💜 Reclaim

Women's ONLY In-Person Weekend Retreat!!

November 4 to 6, 2022

Manitou Springs Resort and Mineral Spa, Manitou Beach, SK

Can You Relate To Any Of These?

😞 You’re tired of convincing yourself that you're happy, when you're not.

🤢 You’re sick of trying to figure out what’s wrong with you and trying to “fix” yourself.

🤐 You brush your feelings off because you have a hard time expressing yourself.

😤 You often feel angry and irritated inside but do your best not to show it, so you usually bite your tongue.

😫 After spending your entire adult life putting yourself on the back burner, deciding to prioritize yourself now sounds way too overwhelming and unobtainable.

🤦🏼‍♀️ Your relationship with your partner has changed from feeling connected and intimate to feeling like you’re living with a roommate (you know the bump and 🤬 encounters in the hallway - you bump into each other and tell each other to 🤬 off 😜)

🙏 Friends plan for drinks and a get together, but when that day comes you panic and hope everyone cancels.

😵 You feel like you've tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING seems to work... Why is everyone else rocking it without any struggle?

Now, you may be thinking…

I’m a smart woman and I always know what to do?

Maybe it's Everyone thinks I know exactly what to do?

But what the hell do I do? Where do I start?

You’ve got that nagging voice in the back of your mind…

It’s never worked before. It probably won’t work again.

I tried X (insert ALL the things you’ve tried) and I didn’t stick to it.


YOU just need the first step.

A Boost.

A person standing behind YOU, to tell YOU it will be ok, and to help YOU start the journey.

You need to feel like you’ve made some.. any kind of progress.

This is the space for S.E.L.F, for a boost, to take a step.

All change is cumulative.

You can’t make a huge change overnight.

It’s a bunch of small decisions.

Small choices.

Seemingly inconsequential decisions/choices that come together to create change.

So that you can…


The feeling of obligation, exhaustion, boredom, judgment, the permanent tension headache from the past two years…

FYI this is the advil for that!


Start seeing yourself as an individual human, that fun loving YOU that you keep promising you’ll prioritize but you haven’t yet.


In a way that feels aligned and true. Know exactly what your needs and desires are and be able to confidently express them.

And find your S.E.L.F.

What is S.E.L.F?

STRENGTH: Not the kind of strength from doing a 100 push ups a day, the kind of STRENGTH that comes from self-awareness so that you are strong from the inside out. Make self awareness your superpower so that you can navigate situations with confidence and clarity.

EMOTIONAL EMPOWERMENT: Vividly express ALL of your emotions without fear of being told you're too much.

LIMITLESS: Rise above and beyond your expectations and current realities to reach new heights of personal alignment.

FULFILLMENT: Confidently make decisions that serve your highest and best self and make your intentions and dreams a reality.

Because WHEN you connect with S.E.L.F, you will:

🧘🏻‍♀️ Be more confident and in tune with what is happening in your body

🙋‍♀️ Feel in control of your life and your emotions so that you don’t feel distracted and overwhelmed.

🤗 Have more awareness around your emotions and how to deal with them

✂️ Have the tools to better handle, accept and move on from situations that trigger you

📣 Know how to create and set healthy boundaries and have people respect those boundaries

💆Step into your greatness while being honest, direct and putting yourself and your needs first

💃🏻 Immediately find your bliss like the weight of the world has been taken off your shoulders

The Release-Reconnect-Reclaim Retreat is designed to honour you as a woman. The intention of the weekend is for each woman to feel refreshed, inspired, and motivated to care for herself physically, mentally, and spiritually…

In a safe and sacred space, you will be supported, celebrated and nurtured as you fully explore, remember and embrace the amazing Rock Star within!

Expand your awareness, your spirituality (not religious this is all about reconnection and alignment with your - SELF) and your physicality through not only disconnecting from your regular daily routine, and obligations…


Also through engaging and being present with a small intimate group of like minded women ready to dig into reclaiming SELF through getting out of our comfort zone, through making unforgettable connections, through laughing, crying, loving, AND having fun…

During this weekend retreat, Candace will guide you through Self discovery, meditation

and interactive sessions, pushing past the limits of what you think is possible, helping you to explore your authentic power so you can learn to live your life to your fullest and highest potential.

Honour yourSelf with this gift of Self Discovery, Self Care and Self Love.

Know, in the depth of your Being, that when you put YOU first, you inspire all women around you (and actually give them permission) to do the same. ****read that again****

Imagine…. Together, we can remember our True S.E.L.F.

Included in your stay:

✔ Double occupancy regular room accommodations at Manitou Springs Resort and Mineral Spa in Manitou, SK

✔ Access to the mineral spa pool

(not to be confused with the Serenity Spa which is separate)

✔ Meals plus snacks, tea and coffee (alcohol is not included)

✔ A complimentary post-retreat “unpack” coaching call with Candace to discuss the results and any new revelations that have come up

✔ SWAG bag - because who doesn’t LOVE getting presents!!!

✔ Use of onsite amenities like Serenity Spa at an additional cost

Early Bird Pricing Until October 7, 2022

$777.00 Cnd

***note there are ONLY 10 spots available***

Regular Pricing After October 7, 2022

$997.00 Cnd

Here’s a sneak peak at what you will be experiencing at this

powerful interactive weekend!

Weekend Itinerary:

Friday, November 4th:

Check In - anytime after 4:00 pm

Supper and Icebreakers - 6:30 pm

Saturday, November 5th:

On Saturday our day kicks off with morning movement at 8AM and will end at 9PM.

By the end of Saturday you will have some insights and awareness about yourself and your values AND start to discover that gap between what you want and where you are AND why you’ve struggled to close that gap on your own.

There is time for breaks, integration, visits to the spa (additional cost), and meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner are included).

Sunday, November 6th:

On Sunday our final day begins at 8AM with morning movement and will end around 5PM.

We will be guiding you through closing this gap and start putting it all together so you can start to reclaim SELF.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Imagine what it will feel like after this amazing weekend…

😁 Wake up feeling energized and purposeful

📚 Enjoy more of those 15 min guilt free moments with coffee and a book

🏢 Have more confidence at work to deal with annoyances from bosses and co-workers

🍴 No more sweating the small stuff like when the dishwasher wasn’t loaded correctly ;)

🌸 A deep sense of acknowledgement of your feelings and needs providing a foundation from which passion, compassion, patience, and self-expression can easily flow

💏 A stronger connection with your partner/spouse

🎉 That girls night out? Feeling good tuning into your true feelings and acting on them, whether it’s staying in or letting yourself get really excited to go out with friends

🧘 Feeling strong and balanced because you'll have the new skills and tools to manage all the above situations!

About Candace

Here’s What I Know…

Each day we're faced with the constant demands of everyday life. It may be our families, work, community obligations or simply the ever changing world around us.

When we’re overwhelmed, tired, and emotionally spent, it’s easy for those little things to grow into major issues — adding yet even more unwanted stress or worse yet dis-ease to our lives.

It was my own journey with health and chronic pain that led me to my obsession with the mind-body connection intimately and it’s how I help my clients.

Whether they’re suffering from extreme burnout, wanting to rip their families heads off because they’re so stressed and overwhelmed, ready to throw in the towel and tell their boss off (Fun fact: I did that have the t-shirt to prove it 🤣), or just simply trying to figure out what’s going on underneath the pain.

Because I don’t believe that it’s a physical issue. I believe that it’s a direct manifestation from what's happening on the inside mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

I specialize in working with the subconscious mind to clear blocks, unhealthy habits, and limiting beliefs and release repressed or stuck emotions and painful old stories that can hold people back and make them sick.

I’m a certified Transformational Master Coach, Master Practitioner of Evolved NLP, Quantum Time Release, the Quantum Change Process, Body Talk, Access Consciousness, and Trauma Aware Transformational Coach.

I believe when we honour our own needs and desires first, we can show up as our best version and engage in life to our fullest potential and be our best SELF.


Q: What about dietary needs?

A: There is a pre-selected menu for the weekend. It does have vegan friendly and gluten free options. After you register for the retreat there is a questionnaire that you can fill out with any dietary restrictions that you have. The restaurant will do their best to accommodate all of them.

**Please note that the kitchen is not a Gluten free or nut free zone so if cross contamination is a concern, we do as guests to bring their own in.**

Q: What about mobility or accessibility requirements?

A: After you register for the retreat there is a questionnaire that you can fill out with any mobility or accessibility requirements that you require.

***The hotel is completely wheelchair accessible with an elevator***

Q: What is your refund/cancellation policy?

A: All payments, including deposits are non-refundable. Tickets are non-transferrable.

In the event of an act of nature/act of god and/or the instances of local government updating policies in regards to gatherings, or in the event of force majeure your spot will be held for the next in person event.

Q: What is the room occupancy?

A: The pricing includes 2 nights accommodation at double occupancy in a regular room at Manitou Springs Resort and Mineral Spa located right in Manitou Beach, SK.

Note: If you are not booking with a friend/partner you will share the space with another solo attendee.

There are limited spots for single occupancy at an additional cost. If you would like to upgrade to single occupancy for 2 nights please email Candace at

Pricing DOES NOT include the following:

Your travel to / from the venue

Alcoholic beverages

Serenity Spa amenities and/or treatments

***Disclaimer we are going to explore some messages that we got as kids that have formed who we are now and if you have had or have experienced trauma as a child please be aware that we are not going to make you bring these experiences up, however they may come up for you and we’re here to support you through them.***

If you require further clarification please email Candace at

See what past clients are saying about the work:

“I have been through years of therapy etc. and never had anyone tune into what is going on. I am so grateful, thank you so much.”


Manitoba, Canada

"I would often feel a sense of dread in certain situations – that big knot in the pit of my stomach of feeling like I couldn’t breathe. I have learned new techniques and I am able to face these dreaded situations head on with little to no resistance. I am finally putting ME first and not feeling guilty about it. By doing something for me, I am able to be better for everyone!"


Saskatchewan, Canada

“Thank goodness for all the work I did with Candace, I can sit here and confidently identify I am worth SO much more than what is being thrown at me.”


Ontario, Canada

“Candace made me feel heard, understood and never made me feel judged by what I shared. She was never dismissive, and didn’t try to minimize what was going on with me. She was able to draw parallels to experiences she had that made me really believe that she understood.”


Ontario, Candace

“I feel so much gratitude for my time with Candace because over the course of our work together, I have reconnected with myself, found strength and determination that I didn’t know I had and I now feel capable of taking on any challenge that I come across, and meeting any goal I desire.”


Utah, USA

“Candace is an amazing transformational coach! She really helped me to apply what I was learning with her to my everyday life with practical strategies. I have much more clarity and confidence after working with her and will continue recommending her to everyone I know.”


Kansas, USA

Committing To SELF is the first and most necessary STEP! let me guide you through the first step.



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