Here's the thing...

Each day we're faced with the constant demands of everyday life. It may be our families, work, community obligations or simply the ever changing world around us. 

When we’re overwhelmed, tired, and emotionally spent, it’s easy for those little things to grow into major issues — adding yet even more unwanted stress or worse yet dis-ease to our lives.

I get it if I had listened to western medicine I would've been living "partially fixed" for the rest of my life with surgery and pain medications at 38 years old.

When the doctors told me that my only option was back surgery and pain meds for the rest of my life to "partially fix" my increasing back pain. I didn’t want to believe that this was going to be my life.

The fear of being dependent on my family, not being able to do any of the activities that I loved and worse yet not knowing 100% if the back surgery would actually work.

Was it a dicey decision on my part... HELL YEAH it was, however there was an undeniable feeling throughout my WHOLE body to say NO and find another way.

I'm grateful that I didn't listen to the doctors and I CHOSE to listen to my BODY because not only have I been pain-free for over 8 years, but I also enjoy leading intense physical fitness classes as an adjunct to my coaching work. 

It has lead me on this obsession of the mind-body connection intimately and it’s how I help my clients.

Whether they’re suffering from extreme burnout, wanting to rip their families heads off because they’re so stressed and overwhelmed, ready to throw in the towel and tell their boss off (Fun fact: I did that have the t-shirt to prove it 🤣), or just simply trying to figure out what’s going on underneath the pain.

Because I don’t believe that it’s a physical issue. I believe that it’s a direct manifestation from what's happening on the inside mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

I specialize in working with the subconscious mind to clear blocks, unhealthy habits, and limiting beliefs and release repressed or stuck emotions and painful old stories that can hold people back and make them sick. 

I work with things on a cellular level because our bodies hold memories at a cellular level so the tools that I'm trained in, aren't just talk therapy and conscious level communicating. They're Evolved NLP, QCP which is a process based on chemical forgiveness that is life changing and multi dimensional techniques like QTR and BodyTalk.

I’m a certified Trauma Conscious Coach, Transformational Master Coach, Master Practitioner of Evolved NLP, Quantum Time Release, the Quantum Change Process, Body Talk, and Access Consciousness.

I believe when we honour our own needs and desires first, we can show up as our best version and engage in life to our fullest potential. 

It rarely has anything to do with your phsyical body and physical environment... all has to do with what's going on mentally, emotionally and spiritually for you...

the physical pain and stress is just your body's way of getting your attention!

I have been through years of therapy etc. and never had anyone tune into what is going on.

I am so grateful thank you so much.

S. M. (Canada)

Since working with Candace I'm paying more attention to my thoughts and where I direct my energy. I'm feel more relaxed, not as on edge and in fight mode. I have also gained a better understanding of my values and goals and how I want to live and feel.

D. S. (Canada)



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