I specialize in working with the subconscious mind to clear blocks, change unhealthy habits, release limiting beliefs, painful old stories and repressed emotions that Are holding High Achievers back from living up to their fullest potential and even making them sick. 

complimentary Clarity call

30 Minutes

Take A Deep Breath...

And Just Take One Small Step Towards The Answers To Your Challenges!

You don't have to continue to "Push Through" the pain.

During The Call We Will:

Step 1: Unlock

First, we will identify what is present and true for you in this moment. 

Step 2: Expand

Second, we will dive deeper to get to the root of your challenge. 

Step 3: Guide

Finally, I will provide you with resources and tools to support you in your journey.

Now Let's Jump Right In And Figure This Out Together.

No Strings Attached, And It's FREE. What Do You Have To Loose?

Available in person or via Zoom

Investment: Complimentary

Deep Dive Coaching session

3 Hours

This Is Where The Magic Starts!

Here, We Will Discuss The Challenges You Face, How They're Affecting You In All Areas Of Your Life, And Ultimately Where You Want To Be.

Then We Dig A Bit Deeper Into The Biggest Problem Areas.

Lastly, We Will Map Out A Plan To Get You Where You Need To Be.

Once We Finish You Will Be Crystal Clear On What Steps To Take Next, Including Any Support You May Need Along The Way.

Available in person or via Zoom

Investment: $300

personal breakthrough

6 Week Individual Program

Experience the full awakening!

Discover and learn about the root cause of the problem. Connect with yourself on a whole new level with a deep understanding of your "why."

Receive individualized strategies and resources to smash through problem behaviours and create lasting solutions.

You'll laugh, cry, and push the limits to become more confident and be able to thrive instead of strive!

Available in person or via Zoom

Investment Varies On Individual

The process was like a cleansing of thoughts and emotions.

I haven’t had the negative, gut wrenching feeling. When my thoughts go that direction, I feel calm and can tell myself it’s okay, that was in the past and I am moving forward.

I do take a mild antidepressant and for a while that seemed to keep all the thoughts from bothering me. The thoughts still came but I was better able to push them aside. I feel this time that I am not just pushing them aside but rather getting rid of those thoughts for good.

It was like an emotional cleansing and I came out feeling like a weight on my chest was diminished. A feeling of calmness and peacefulness instead of the feeling of not good enough.

There is the lack of emotional charge behind situation/comments that used to upset me and I'm not nearly as judgemental on myself or others.

J. K.(Canada)

Not sure where to start?

Let's chat and identify what would work best for you!

The decision to work with you was easy and hard all at once. Your offer came at the perfect time, yet my instinct was to say no. I have become very adept at masking; making sure no one in my world knew what was in my heart of the turmoil in my mind. I knew if I said yes, it would all fall away, and that was terrifying.

But... I was ready to let someone in.

The personal impact on my life was exhaustion. I was very good at putting my clients and my business first. I was forgetting that I was very good at being Mom, and putting my son before even my business. And my self?

I had nothing left for her.

My goals were simple and massive. I wanted peace. I wanted to rest and feel rested. I wanted to feel productive but also “enough”. I wanted to remember who I was before I was a wife.

It had started to feel like my identity, the things I had thrown myself into, were being slowly ripped away from me... My marriage, my husband, the picture of my future, the change in parenting time and new struggles arising with my son, and finally an injury that had potential to affect my career.

I was terrified that when it all stripped away, I would be a shell of who I was, with no passion or fire or anything left to give the world.

At that point, I was in full protection mode, successfully hiding from everyone. I had started counselling, but had yet to open up to the process. Obviously, that wasn't going to work! I journal regularly, but had stopped as I found I had nothing to say.

My only reservation was that for the process to do anything, I was going to have to drop my wall. It was terrifying.

The process was exhausting, and intense! The part I didn't like had nothing to do with the process itself, but my personal reaction; looking at myself, into my own eyes. My wall has started to feel like a crucial part of my identity, and I was terrified to look into myself with the intent to break it down. The most helpful part was your patience with me, dealing with the emotions that were being continually pulled up.

It took a couple days before the idea of nonchalance, or simply being enough, became ok with me. I loved finding my affirmations, my statement of what I wanted, visualizing it all and feeling the feelings that came with it. It was a relief for me… To have my affirmations to rely on to pull me up and through when my old habits started to pop up and try to convince me otherwise. Even my moments of vague and general anxiety are easier to handle, simply being able to name it, then work through my affirmations to shut it down.

The most unexpected result was the steady improvement to my physical symptoms from my injury. Being able to feel confident, and steady on my feet at work again, helped my confidence and confirmed that I am indeed enough. I find I still tend to retreat, to hide when things are overwhelming, but I also drop my wall and let people in as opposed to faking my way through.

K. B. (Canada)



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