Thank you for visiting my website, I’m honoured you’re here.

Something brought you here, it wasn't an accident.

I believe 100% in synchronicities. I believe that people, events, and situations are put in front of us to help us through this journey we call life.

Maybe it was:

💜 The doctors telling me that I would never walk again if I didn’t have back surgery

💚 The fact I told my boss off

💜 The dragonfly logo

💚 You can’t believe I teach fitness classes after being in crippling pain at 38

💜 Or maybe you just stumbled across it and decided to click

Whatever the reason...

You don't have to do this alone.

I specialize in working with the subconscious mind to clear blocks, unhealthy habits, and limiting beliefs and release repressed or stuck emotions and painful old stories that can hold people back and make them sick.

Are you ready to take the first step in reclaiming your life?

I'm the Empowerment coach that High Achievers turn to when they’re done hitting the wall and are ready to break through it.

Ready To Jump Right In?

You’re amazing Candace!! I had to take a minute before I wrote this because you made me ugly cry and the truth hurts and I follow you because no matter how hard it is to face the truth you help bring it out and don’t let us suppress it no matter how hard, difficult, and hurtful it is…

You keep us honest with ourselves… It’s like you already know what the root of our problems are and you just want us to see it so we can recognize it, deal with it, and move forward and grow stronger…

You have our backs and don’t let us fall, you catch us with every tear we shed no matter how hard the revelation is for each and every single one of us…

This is why I follow you and love you Candace… You are Real!

A. D. (United States)



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